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Subang Shooting Range Refurbished

The Subang Shooting Range has undergone tremendous changes, so much so that one, who has last visited it just three years ago, won’t be able to recognise it.

Situated about 1.8km off Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah International Airport (old Kuala Lumpur’s International Airport), SSR will add another feather to its cap with the completion of a new club wing to its existing sprawling premise in December.

The new two-storey block houses a conference room, VIP room, visitors lounge, open sitting at the ground floor, gymnasium, kiddies ride machines and a games room. Thus it is only appropriate that a new-look SSR is home to the NSAM and one of its affiliates Selangor Shooting Association.

Even the existing office block will be expanded to provide more administrative space for the increased staff strength of NSAM and SSA.

These latest additions come barely two years after the installation of an international indoor shooting range, catering to air pistol and air rifle events. It was erected a month ahead of the 2001 Kuala Lumpur Sea Games 7 in September.

Giving the place a resort-like ambience is a beautifully landscaped garden-like paradise, lined with lush green trees, colourful plants and flowers.  With its unique combination of shooting infrastructure and recreational facilities and resort-styled setting, it is no surprise that NSAM has decided to hold the 10th Asian Shooting Championship at SSR instead of the Langkawi International Shooting Range.

SSR has always been the official training centre for national shooters and host to numerous national and international championships.

Besides the new administrative block and air-conditioned indoor range, the existing facilities such as badminton, squash and tennis courts, two swimming pools and a wading pool and two fishing ponds have been well maintained.

Food is the least of the shooters’ concern when the ASC comes around on Feb 8-18, 2004 as the recreational centre has a Poolside Shelter and Eatery Centre, serving Continental, Malay, Chinese and Indian food to cater to the diverse taste buds of the ASC competitors



The Shotgun Events - Skeet, Trap and Double Trap

For the three events, shooters will experience exhilarating excitement of powdering the saucer-shaped, clay targets with their double barrel shotguns. The targets must pass through a designated area.

Skeet targets are thrown out from the high-house and low-house in opposite directions while trap and double-trap targets are thrown by computer-controlled machines at various angles that are set within certain limits from the pit trench.

Skeet, double trap and trap events require the shooters to shoot five details of 25 birds each, after which the top six shooters proceed to the final round for another detail.

Rifle Shooting Events

Rifle shooting is divided into three categories; Smallbore, Free Rifle and Standard Rifle which are determined by the type of rifle used and there are further sub-divisions based on the type of shooting positions used, such as prone and three-position (prone, kneeling and standing). They are held in 50-metre range.

Air Rifle Events

It does not have the same kick as Smallbore rifles but certainly offers a great deal of challenge. It is shot over a 10-metre air rifle range. The weapon used can be any 177 compressed air or CO2 rifle of conventional appearance and 4.5mm calibre. It is an economical event as each shot cost only three sen.

Pistol Events

Rapid Fire Pistol shooting is referred to as silhouette shooting because of the shape of the targets and their flipping movement. Competitors fire a total of 60 shots at five targets from a distance of 25 meter. These shots are fired in groups of five, each at different targets that turn simultaneously from a side-on to a face-on position and are exposed for a few seconds.

Free Pistol differs from Rapid Fire in that it is shot in the 50-metre range but at static targets, one round at a time over 60 rounds. It demands tremendous concentration, super-smooth reflexes and precise triggering.

Centre Fire Pistol is shot over 60 rounds in a 25-metre range. It comprises two stages - precision stage and duelling stage of 30 rounds each. The weapon used is a big calibre .32 or .38 pistol or revolver. Precision stage is stationary while the target moves during duelling.

Sports Pistol is strictly confined to women and uses a .22 calibre weapon. It’s shot over 60 rounds, 30 for still target and 30 for rapid fire. At the end of the 60 rounds, the top six shooters will proceed to the final.

Standard Pistol uses a .22 calibre weapon and is shot over 60 rounds in the 25-metre range. It is divided into three different stages of 20 shots each at intervals of 50 seconds, 20 seconds and 10 seconds.

Air Pistol is considered the baby of shooting among the pistol events. Apart from juniors being encouraged to participate in this event, it is suitable for pistol shooters trying to increase or improve their accuracy for static targets. It is shot with a .177 compressed air or CO2 pistol over 60 rounds in a 10- metre range.

High Tower Event

This event is intended to hone a hunter's shooting skill and to the non-competitive shooters, it is treated as a recreational sport. It caters to those with a penchant for high flying objects.

The height for the High Tower is 50 feet with the flight of the target is simulated to that of flying foxes, wild pigeons etc which are popular targets to hunters.

The Side-arms Event

Weekend shooters who want to have fun and maintain their touches with large calibre pistols and revolvers. NSAM and SSA provides the facilities for shooters to hone their skills and touches. Moving targets have been incorporated to develop shooters' skill in side-arms shooting. This is meant for licensed pistol owners to practise for self protection.

The .22 Sporting Rifle

This is another form of event for the 'fun' shooters who enjoy shooting as a recreational sport. The telescopic lens affixed to the rifles makes aiming much easier to hit the animated targets.



President Ally T. H. Ong Cup

Tun Hanif Cup

Tun Tan Siew Sin Cup

Tan Sri S.M. Yong Trophy

Selangor Shooting Association Championship

National Close Championship


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